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Whats new?

The Old Queens Head 

Hello folks.

James is booked in for a last minute performance at The Old Queens Head in Islington this evening. He'll be onstage at 8pm and it's free entry.

An Announcement 

Neo Ferns has just announced 4 new London shows through March and April. The dates are;

March 10th - Spiritual Caipirinha Bar
March 12th - Dublin Castle
March 19th - The Finsbury
3rd April - White Lion

More info and details coming through. Expect a couple more dates to be added in the near future too.

As we head to the new year 

Neo Ferns has always been recruiting new members, that's part of the whole thing.

But this time it's different...

James is on the quest to make the project a band. With a full time permenant line-up, for the first time in its history. If you are reading this and fancy yourself then get in touch; This exciting step is the right one, to ensure a change of sound and direction for 2013. 

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year

Neo November 

Some exciting news

James Andrews returns to London to play solo Neo Ferns shows across London
(This is just one of them) 


White Lion
w/ Wooloo Kelly and James Wardell

Brixton Windmill

The Islington
w/ Freddie and the Hoares

So there you have it. Comeback? Probably not, but with new material and a rediscovered love for playing alone, it's well worth coming down.

This is new 

Hello everyone. This is the Neo Ferns website relaunched. Times have changed and so has the design. I'm moving on. Please do all the usual stuff. Sign up to the mailing list, Follow Neo Ferns on Twitter, Like it on Facebook. Like it in real life as well. I've got to go now because I've got a hangover. What do you think? Let me know through one of the many communication tools we have these days. Thank you and good night!